The basic concept of the smart Bike Team BiCi million dollars in angel investment

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Jiang Minchen, founder of the basic concept of the domestic entrepreneurial team, said, will be officially released in November 22nd, the first form of intelligent bicycle products. At the same time, the company has just won the first line from the domestic investment fund of the first line of the LIAN investment institutions, the valuation of more than ten million dollars.
In Jiang Minchen's view, this wave of wave of intelligent bicycle industry is the second revolution. The earliest bicycle only has been regarded as a means of transportation, so with the development of automobile and public transportation gradually decline. And now the second revolution to the high-end bikes again and commute together, thoroughly change the ways in which human short trip, into every day life, the bike into as indispensable and mobile phone.

BiCi team independent research and development including bicycle smartphone operating system, industrial design, paired app and cloud services, aimed at through belonging to the era of materials, manufacturing technology and science and technology to the user to bring subversive riding experience. According to the founder Jiang Minchen revealed that the bike will have anti-theft, riding navigation, riding data, smart lights and other functions, will be disclosed in November 22nd in detail.
Forthcoming first generation models will be named "basic concepts. Qi Zi", equipped with a carbon fiber frame, Shimano high-grade transmission suite. By comparison, at present on the market the same configuration of the bicycle price were in 8000-10000 about, is expected to BiCi. Qi Zi should will also be targeting high-end users.
At the same time there will be a few more professional Qi Zi Pro version for enthusiasts, appears to be to the main experience and force the grid, the high-end carried out in the end.
Jiang Minchen expressed the hope that the BiCi will be built into the bike industry Tesla and apple, so choose the high-end market as a point of entry: I think it is to make an example, this is a Air Macbook. Portable, high performance, design and quality experience."
When talking about the current bicycle market, Jiang Minchen said that the recent two years of competition in the traditional bicycle industry has entered a white hot stage. Market in the end, XDS launched 500 Legends, Merida launched the Ares, Earl and other special models, the price can be near the bottom line. And other brands more special models are still brewing, plus Baidu, millet and other Internet giants involved in the next year, the main price competition in the market may be very tragic. If you can not change the thinking, a lot of teams will fall in this shuffle period. Even in the high-end field, TREK, lightning, DELL Canon these European and American brands are also starting to be more pragmatic pricing. "Next year is destined to be a year of upheaval, whether it is the fate of big companies, small companies, and even Taobao stores will be changed. We are very much looking forward to."

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