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  PARDUS belonging Taishan Sports Industry Group is the history of the Olympic Games important sports equipment suppliers, with China the cutting-edge  aviation carbon fiber material production technology research and development, the country finds carbon fiber engineering and technology research center, is China's professional carbon fiber bicycle production vendors.

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"From the global to the white picket fence," written by insistent brilliant
From 1978 Leling Taishan Sports Equipment Factory, 1983 for the first time a national competition equipment suppliers, to the 1990 Beijing Asian Games equipment supplier, was established in 1998 Taishan Sports Industry Group, and within 12 years continuous become Athens - Beijing - London - Rio 4 Olympic equipment suppliers. After 30 years of determined struggle, Taishan Sports Industry with quality, with credibility, stick with writing a "white picket fence from the global" "From Made in China to Created in China," the brilliant history of the myth of sports equipment.

Taishan Sports was established in 1978, the white picket fence to start gradually from global
1983 Taishan Sports mat produced is used for the first time the national team
2016 Taishan Sports to become the exclusive supplier of the Olympic Games in Rio

  "National Brand • people proud."
  Taishan Sports Group is an important supplier of comprehensive sports equipment in the world who has served  nearly 1 thousand international games. As a national brand, Taishan Sports almost achieved "zero error, zero faults, zero complaints" which has been praised the miracleof Lympic history by the International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge.

President Xi Jinping met Taishan Sports chairman Bian Zhiliang

IOC president Thomas Bach met Taishan Sports chairman

Politburo Standing Committee member and chairman of the Group Bian Zhiliang Wang Qishan photo

  ingenuity intention to do a fine craft
  Group has the few national sporting goods industry in China Enterprise Technology Center, and also has the National Sporting Goods Engineering Technology Research Center, post-doctoral research station, the Group is committed to high-performance carbon fiber composite material application development in the field of professional sports equipment, advanced aviation material systems, systems engineering technology, stable process technology used in the development of carbon fiber bicycle production, the original dimensional carbon fiber tube technology, air wing resin system, and through cooperation with China aviation Institute, the finite element analysis and ultrasonic nondestructive testing technology used carbon fiber bicycle production has reached PARDUS high standards product quality assurance.

  "Olympic quality • universal access"
  From the Olympic athletics to fitness, sports products Taishan context gradually clear, PARDUS brand also extends from the "contests" to "sports fitness" products system, and continuously through technology development, technology innovation, manufacturing more to meet the public favorite sport bike products, we always believe that the bicycle is the world simple solutions to complex problems, by riding the "green movement, green and healthy" concept gives the public, and this objective is committed to creating high quality in the world exercise bike.

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